Our  main  purpose  is  to  win  others  to  Jesus Christ  by  sharing  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ with them. 

1st  gear:  Our  Purpose is  to  have  a  personal  relationship  with  God.  John  1:12  “But as  many as  received him, to  them  gave  he power  to  become  the  sons  of  God,  even to  them  that  believe  on  his  name;” 

2nd  gear:  Our  Problem is  we  messed  up. Romans  3:23  “For  all  have  sinned  and fallen  short  of  the  glory  of  God”.  We can never  be  good  enough  to  get  to  Heaven  to have  a  relationship  with  God.  Therefore,  we are  headed  for  Hell.  Romans  6:23  “For  the wages  of  sin  is  death,  but  the  gift  of  God is  eternal  life  through  Jesus  Christ  our Lord.”         (But, the good news follows.) 

3rd gear: Our  Gift  God  could  not  let  sin into  His  heaven  so  He  sent  His  only  begotten  Son,  Jesus,  to  earth  to  die  for  your sins and mine.  1 Peter  3:18  “For  Christ  died  for sins  once  for  all,  the  righteous  for  the  unrighteous,  to  bring you to  God.” 

4th gear:  Our  Acceptance  The  only  thing you have  to  do to  spend  eternity with Christ in  Heaven  is  accept  the  free  gift  God  has presented  to  you.  Romans  10:9  “That  if thou  shalt  confess  with  thy  mouth  the Lord  Jesus,  and  shalt  believe  in  thine heart  that  God  hath  raised  him  from  the dead, thou shalt  be saved.” 

1.  Admit your  sin  to  God. 

2.  Turn from  your  sin  to  God. 

3.  Believe  that Jesus  died  for  your  sins  and was  risen. 

4.  Pray  to  invite Jesus  into your  life  and  give Him  control of your  life.