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Dale Williamson, Terren Bichard, TGRM Ladies Director Jackie Franco, TGRM Executive D

On Sept. 22, 2018 Christian Faith Riders of Toledo, Ohio presented Executive Director Tom Clapsaddle of Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission with a check to assist with the remodeling of their newly acquired building. This building will be used to provide temporary housing for mothers with children. For additional information on TGRM go to


Old Nativity School getting cleaned up and ready for service....again.

We met on May 23 and 30th. Got a lot accomplished.  Weeds cut, grass mowed, trees trimmed and some removed, junk hauled away.  Looking much better.  Community camp/cook out coming soon.  Stay tuned.

Hazardous conditions


I just want to take a few lines to encourage and caution at the same time.

Many of us mow our lawns during the summer months. It makes our lawns look nice and helps those of us who need to lose a few winter pounds. 

Today as I was traveling home south on S. R. 65 I came across a commercial business (I'll not mention who.) which was having its lawn mowed. The individual mowing the lawn was blowing the grass clippings onto the highway. Being the outspoken AND KIND person I am, I pulled over to the side of the road and motioned to the operator I would like to talk with him. He stopped and I explained to him, very kindly, that blowing grass clippings onto the highway was not only illegal but very unsafe especially for motorcyclists. He said ok and I moved on. I also called the business and related the same information to them. 

Personally I travel that highway quite frequently as well as do hundreds of other bikers. Hopefully this will prevent a very serious incident.

I say all that to say this. When you mow your own lawns PLEASE DO NOT blow the clippings onto the street.

Thank you for letting me blowoff. Maybe someone will be saved from an accident.

Terry Bichard



New Member Application

It's encouraging to see a man in God's Word.

Pastor Marvin Crittenden is excited to see how God is going to use him in this ministry.  Marvin is being refreshed on his motorcycling skills.  Pastor Marvin recently purchased a new HD.  (See pic in Members and Rides)  We are looking forward to his joining us at CFR.


HOG searching for WINGS


This guy says he's a HOGster but I'm not convinced.  Beautiful Honda GW Toney and Maple.  Congratulations.